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​​​Roller Shades

Ideal Combination of Practicality & Contemporary Style​

oller Shades come in a variety of opacity levels including sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout, provide you with significant light control and privacy options

Window Spaces offers over 100 screen styles with openness factors ranging from 1% to 15% to provide just the right amount of UV protection​.

With Motorization control your window treatments with a mobile device - set your blinds to movie mode or work mode with the touch of a button.

Control options include continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift, and motorized lift.

Decorative options include valances, cornices, and scallops to provide unique touches of style.

Energy-efficient solar window shades significantly reduce glare produced by the sun
Exterior solar shades can be installed to the outside of your window or patio to offer protection from the hot sun.


Window Spaces sells various styles, colors & brands of roller & solar shade window treatments.

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